Winair aircraft encounters mechanical issues in Statia | THE DAILY HERALD

A mechanic carrying out repairs on the Winair aircraft which encountered mechanical difficulties at F.D. Roosevelt Airport in St. Eustatius on Wednesday.

The Winair aircraft had problems with a steering-link column.

  1. EUSTATIUS–An aircraft of Windward Islands Airways International Winair experienced mechanical issues touching down on F.D. Roosevelt Airport’s runway in St. Eustatius on Wednesday.

Members of the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force, the Fire Departments, airport security and Winair personnel were on hand to offer aid and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Acting Airport Manager Ric Isarin said the plane had encountered problems with a steering-link column. He said the safety of the passengers on board the aircraft was the first priority, but that no one was hurt in the incident.

The passengers on board were not allowed to walk on the runway from the aircraft to the airport terminal building, as they would be exposed to the heat. Therefore, the passengers were transported to the terminal by airport security, the Fire Department and a private vehicle.

“Everyone involved did a perfect job: the tower personnel, security, the Fire Department and all others.” Isarin said.

A mechanic arrived on board another Winair aircraft to carry out repairs. The aircraft, which was captained by E. Hodge Jr. with co-pilot K. Bijlani, was removed from the airport runway later during the day. It was then able to taxi from where it had encountered the problem to the airport’s parking area, where the mechanic carried out repairs.

Source: The Daily Herald