Winair and KLM airlines prepare for code sharing

AIRPORT–KLM and local airline Winair have begun the process of expanding their business relationship in St. Maarten. The target date for implementation of a code-share agreement is scheduled for 2017.

Winair currently enjoys an interline agreement with KLM, one of the world’s premier airlines. Through expansion of this agreement to a code-share arrangement both companies will operate flights throughout each other’s route networks.

“The service will offer greater benefits to our mutual customers, improving connectivity, adding destinations, pricing and ease of travel for customers traveling to and from the Caribbean, Europe and beyond,” stated Winair President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Cleaver.

A four-person KLM audit team visited St. Maarten to perform a code share audit to ensure Winair is in compliance with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) requirements. The team was welcomed and found Winair to be very transparent during the review.

Two Corporate Integrated Safety and Compliance Department senior auditors were invited to St. Maarten’s Civil Aviation Department to share thoughts on regulations and authority in general, as the code-share agreement must be approved by both the St. Maarten and Dutch authorities.

There remain additional regulatory issues, according to Winair. Approval from the Civil Aviation Departments, information technology testing, structures for fares and implementation of the agreement are ongoing.

“Once code-share is attained, this will greatly enhance the service each airline offers to our customers, including seamless travel, additional options in travel plans and will offer greater value to the companies’ mutual customers,” according to a statement from Winair on Sunday.

Source: The Daily Herald