Winair and KLM codeshare agreement goes into effect

AIRPORT–Winair and KLM signed a codeshare agreement recently and the agreement has been implemented, according to the company on Wednesday. This agreement is another milestone for Winair which will provide truly seamless travel for connecting passengers using the Princess Juliana International Airport SXM hub to connect customers to all flights operated by Winair.

KLM will affix its KLM code and connecting flights will be KLM flights to destinations flown by Winair. All regulatory and testing issues have been completed and this agreement has been approved by all regulatory bodies in St. Maarten and the Netherlands. Preparation for this agreement began months ago and have now reached implementation.

Passengers on the entire route network of KLM and Winair can book flights to all Winair and KLM destinations. One ticket will be issued via all KLM’s worldwide reservations systems and vice versa. This enhancement opens the door for increased traffic not only to St. Maarten but to the entire Northeastern Caribbean.

Customers can now check in at any KLM or Winair location, check their bags to their final destination, receive their boarding pass and make use of the connecting portal at the airport, further enhancing the hub function.

Winair also enjoys a codeshare agreement with Air France (AF) which was re-approved by French Civil Aviation authorities at the same time.

“By achieving and maintaining these codeshare agreements with the KLM/AF group, Winair, PJIAE [Princess Juliana International Airport Operating Company NV – Ed.], KLM, PJIA and AF customers all benefit, as in addition to seamless same-day travel to and from Europe passengers are afforded protection in the event of misconnections or events beyond their control.

“Winair is proud to have partners such as KLM/AF, two of the world’s leading airlines, for KLM/AF putting their operating codes on Winair instils great confidence in our customers in the services provided by Winair. This speaks to the safety, security and the service Winair offers its customers,” stated Winair President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Cleaver.

“This agreement with Winair presents KLM with a unique opportunity to strengthen our position in the Caribbean. The new connections to the Windward Islands are a welcome extension of the KLM network in this important region,” said Air France-KLM Senior Vice President Benelux Harm Kreulen.

Source: The Daily Herald