Winair honours Gerrit Draai | THE DAILY HERALD

Winair Supervisory Board of Directors Chairman George Greaux Jr. with several members of the Winair team presenting a plaque of appreciation to Maartje Draai.

AIRPORT–Windward Island Airways Winair honoured Gerrit Draai, who served as Vice President of Winair’s Supervisory Board of Directors from 2010 until his unfortunate passing in July 2018.

Draai, with his keen eye and attention to detail, was instrumental in the financial and operational turnaround at Winair on transfer of the Winair shares to Country St. Maarten and the Netherlands after the dismantling of the former Netherland Antilles.

According to the company, Draai was a retired Vice President of Martinair and a consummate airline professional with a 35-year-plus career in the aviation industry. He served with distinction, assisted the Winair team with his expertise, and will be remembered by those who had the pleasure to work with him.

The company said he had contributed to the success that Winair now enjoys.

Maartje Draai, his widow, was invited to the island to attend a brief ceremony at Winair’s hanger to witness the naming of one of its aircraft in memory of Gerrit and to receive a plaque of appreciation from the small group of Winair employees who worked with Gerrit with the mission of transforming the airline to become a viable and vital component of the regional aviation industry in the Northeastern Caribbean.

The company said Gerrit will be missed.

Source: The Daily Herald