Winair partner Air Antilles relocates its fleet here | THE DAILY HERALD


AIRPORT– With the threat of Tropical Storm Isaac, Winair and its partner Air Antilles took all precautions to secure their fleets. Winair contemplated moving its fleet to an alternate destination out of the path of Tropical Storm Isaac. However the storm’s weather conditions spared St. Maarten, making repositioning of Winair’s fleet unnecessary. The local carrier’s partner Air Antilles, based in Guadeloupe, was not as fortunate and relocated its fleet to Winair’s home base Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA).

Four ATR 500 aircraft were relocated to St. Maarten on September 12, 2018 and will be repositioned September 13, 2018 to coordinate the restart of Air Antilles operation in Guadeloupe. Winair has experienced minimal flight disruptions and expects to operate its schedule on September 13, 2018.

Winair’s President and CEO Michael Cleaver expressed his most sincere gratitude to the airport’s operating company PJIAE, The Towers of Mullet Bay and the Winair team for last minute accommodations offered to the Air Antilles fleet and crew in St. Maarten. Said Cleaver: “As we know these decisions are typically made at a late stage when certainty of the effects of a weather hazard become clear, our employees, partners at PJIAE and The Towers of Mullet Bay worked diligently with Winair to safeguard aircraft and personnel in St. Maarten.”

Air Antilles’ CEO Serge Tsygalnitzky stated: “Air Antilles is very proud and happy with the Winair/Air Antilles collaboration. This is a live example of what we can achieve together.”

Source: The Daily Herald