Winair provides young professional job training

Deshawne Richardson and a Winair staff member.

 AIRPORT–Winair announced on Friday that it had the pleasure of having aspiring aviation mechanic Deshawne Richardson at the company these past weeks.

  Deshawne, born and raised in St. Maarten, graduated cum laude at St. Maarten Academy and went to Tallahassee Community College in Florida to continue his pursuit to become an aerospace engineer.

  After earning his prerequisites, he continued his studies at University of Central Florida in Orlando from January 2014, where he worked diligently for his Associate’s degree. Now, as he readies himself to start his Bachelor’s degree studies, which will start this month, Deshawne took the opportunity to experience all the facets of working at Winair’s Maintenance Department.

  His interest and focus on mechanics came naturally as he watched his father working as a mechanic. As his fascination grew, he even wanted to take it a step further and decided aviation mechanics was his path.

  Describing his two-week internship at Winair, Deshawne was most grateful for the company employees’ willingness and enthusiasm to help him gain experience and learn the practical application of the theory he has learned so far. The focus on the practical side of aviation maintenance has given him a true feeling for the work and all it entails.

Source: Daily Herald
Winair provides young professional job training