Winair teams up with Unity Aviation Canada

AIRPORT–Unity Aviation Canada Ltd. Managing Director Greg Kalinchuk visited Winair recently to review and discuss Winair’s aircraft requirements for the 2017-2018 season. Kalinchuk reviewed and assisted Winair’s maintenance department with procedures for maintaining Winair’s aircraft and was satisfied with the maintenance programme in place for servicing the aircraft.

Winair’s Acting Director of Maintenance Collin Morris and Kalinchuk took the opportunity to present and distribute additional tools to all Winair’s mechanics and auto-shop employees to assist them in their responsibilities.

“It is truly partners like Unity AC that come to assist and provide resources for our employees that clearly demonstrate we are working together for a common goal, maintaining our aircraft to the highest standards in the aviation industry and developing our employees for the long run.” stated Winair President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Cleaver.

Winair and Unity will team up once again and Jamal Joe will be going to Unity Aviation Headquarters in Calgary to receive on-the-job training in preparing aircraft for Winair’s spring and summer programme. Thanks to this partnership and cooperation this young St. Maartener will receive valuable training for his advancement and this training will greatly enhance his goal in becoming a licensed aircraft mechanic, according to Winair.

Source: The Daily Herald