Winair, Unity Aircraft team up for training

AIRPORT–Winair and aircraft supplier Unity Aircraft teamed up to provide training for Jamal Joe.

Joe has been a Winair employee for the past eight years working in the maintenance department. His desire to become a licensed aircraft mechanic has displayed his commitment throughout his service at Winair and this was not unnoticed.

Winair participated with Unity Aircraft financially and Unity Aircraft hosted Joe for approximately nine weeks to provide important on-the-job training that will assist Joe to prepare to obtain his A&P licence. Joe participated in the preparation of the replacement aircraft that will be provided to Winair and was exposed to facets of aircraft work.

“It is through the efforts with our suppliers that Winair and Unity aircraft are able to assist local personnel to achieve their goals. Winair thanks the Unity Aircraft team and in particular Greg Kalinchuk, Managing Director of Unity Aircraft, for this training opportunity for Joe,” stated Winair President and CEO Michael Cleaver.

Source: The Daily Herald