WITU has urgent meeting with PSVE teachers Wed. | THE DAILY HERALD

EBENEZER–The Windward Islands Teachers Union (WITU) board will be holding a “very urgent” and “informative” meeting with teachers of the St. Maarten Academy Preparatory Secondary Vocational Education (PSVE) section at the union’s office at Rembrandtplein #39, Madame Estate, behind Henderson Insurances, at 9:00am Wednesday, August 8.

In its invitation to teachers, WITU said a meeting had been held with Foundation for Academic and Vocational Education (FAVE) school board members based on the various issues and concerns from teachers surrounding Academy PSVE and its school manager Lavern Nelson. In that meeting it was agreed that WITU would hold a meeting with teachers to inform them of the results and the way forward for upcoming 2018‐2019 academic year.

“We are therefore urging all teachers to be present and on time for this meeting,” WITU said. Snacks will be provided.

PSVE teachers had expressed grave concern about Nelson earlier this year and had called for her dismissal. However, despite their protests, FAVE board Chairperson Roland Duncan had told The Daily Herald that the board will not be removing Nelson from her position as School Manager/Principal of the school.

“We are not even considering it,” Duncan had said at the time. Duncan said some of the complaints from teachers calling for Nelson’s removal were “out of order” and “does not have much validity.”

He had a lengthy and in-depth meeting with WITU President Claire Elshot and her team on the matter and had said at the time that he would be having a follow-up meeting with the union just before the start of the new academic year, which starts on Monday, to continue the discussions and “to see how we can further the peace.”

In the meantime, WITU has taken issue with some of Duncan’s statements. In a press release issued over the weekend, the WITU board said it was surprised by his comments. The union said that in light of the alarming number of teachers needed in St. Maarten’s schools, it would be best if the FAVE board acknowledge its hardworking teachers and do what is necessary to keep them functioning under the best circumstances.

WITU said in its statement that it is “not happy” with the complaints from its members, will “certainly continue to investigate the allegations, and will take action to inform our members of their rights and responsibilities. WITU has always advocated for better working conditions for our members and a better working relationship with all stakeholders, including school boards.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/79315-witu-has-urgent-meeting-with-psve-teachers-wed