Woman fell ill while driving

CAY HILL–A woman who is said to be a diabetic fell ill while driving in Cay Hill around noon Friday and had to be assisted by paramedics.

  According to reports, after falling ill while behind the wheel of her car, the woman parked in the middle of the main road in front of Kooyman.   

  She was locked in the car and, although she had been conscious and her eyes were open, she was not responding to the commands of ambulance and police personnel to unlock the door so that she could receive assistance. A minor child was in the back seat of the vehicle, but the child also did not open the door, probably because of fear of the crowd that had gathered around the vehicle at the time.

A local company was called to assist to unlock the vehicle. Once the vehicle was opened paramedics were able to successfully assist the woman, who subsequently returned to a normal state. She reportedly had very low blood sugar.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/67345-woman-fell-ill-while-driving