Woodley challenges men and boys to join fight against breast cancer

Participants in Golden Rock Cancer Awareness Foundation’s walk in observance of Cancer Awareness Month.

The bus that transferred persons from the Wilhelmina monument to the Boardwalk was nicely decorated for the occasion.


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ST. EUSTATIUS–Golden Rock Cancer Awareness Foundation held a walk in observance of Cancer Awareness Month. The number of persons that have been diagnosed with cancer has drastically increased on St. Eustatius. Therefore, Commissioner of Health Charles Woodley challenged men and boys to join the fight against breast cancer.

  Using the 2017 breast-cancer-awareness theme, Commissioner of Health Charles Woodley said: “Her fight is my fight.”

  Woodley explained that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. “Seeing the small size of Statia’s population – with less than 4,000 inhabitants – we will unfortunately be touched one way or another as we all have mothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, wives, and girlfriends.”

  Commissioner Woodley called on all men and boys to recognize that every minute they can spend with the women and girls of Statia is priceless. “We ought to let them know that we care by our behaviour. As boys, by not giving mommy too much stress, and as men by providing that safe and healthy environment,” he said.

  He stated that one of the reasons the Progressive Labour Party (PLP)/ Reuben Merkman administration takes such a keen interest in agriculture, is because they would like to provide the best in nutrition for all Statia families.

  “We encourage the men in our country to practice the cultivation of their fresh food, as this contributes to a long and healthy cancer-free Statia,” he added.

  The Commissioner encouraged men and boys to give their women a hug in letting them know that the fight against breast cancer is not just their fight.

  “It affects all of us,” said Woodley. “We, the men of Statia, will stand by our women and girls through all their struggles.”

  Last week Monday’s walk started at the Wilhelmina monument across from the Roman Catholic Church and ended at the Boardwalk in Lower Town, next to the small pier. A bus was made available for persons who were unable to make the journey by feet. A ceremony was held after the walk, which included various speakers and performances.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/70753-woodley-challenges-men-and-boys-to-join-fight-against-breast-cancer