Work to get Integrity Chamber fully operational still ongoing | THE DAILY HERALD

POND ISLAND–The process of making the Integrity Chamber fully operational is still ongoing, Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin announced recently.  

  Topping the to-do list for the quartermasters appointed by St. Maarten and the Netherlands are the appointments of the chamber members and its supervisory council members. Also pending is the hiring of the secretariat staff. Recruitment for the latter will be carried out by the firm Linkels and Partners.

  Commending quartermasters Rafael Boasman and Hans Lodder for their work so far, the prime minister said she looks forward to the finalisation of their assignment and a fully operational Integrity Chamber “very soon.”

  The quartermasters’ assignment entailed three main components: the drafting of a function book for the secretariat that outlines the function, function requirements, responsibilities and salaries; advice on remuneration of members and assistant members of the chamber and that of members and assistant members of the supervisory council; and to locate and prepare for operation a suitable location for the chamber offices.

  The quartermasters were each helped by an assistant and received the cooperation of the Ministry of General Affairs, the Cabinet of the Minister of General Affairs and the Dutch Ministry of Kingdom Relations BZK and the Department of Kingdom Relations in the Netherlands.

  The National Ordinance regulating the Integrity Chamber and the national decree on the execution of the Integrity Chamber went into effect on December 28, 2018. As of that date, the legal framework for the establishment of the Integrity Chamber was formalised, leaving now the physical setup of the institution demanded by the Dutch government.

Source: The Daily Herald