World Bank intends to support local NGOs | THE DAILY HERALD

Representatives of approximately 40 NGOs during the launch of NPOwer St. Maarten.

PHILIPSBURG–The World Bank has requested that Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) and NPOwer St. Maarten research the feasibility of a grant-making scheme that would potentially result in grant funding and capacity support for local non-profit/non-governmental organisations (NPOs/NGOs).

NPOwer St. Maarten said the World Bank and its counterparts have recognised the valuable contributions made by St. Maarten NGOs/NPOs since the passing of Hurricane Irma in September 2017.

As it relates to emergency relief and reconstruction efforts, NGOs’ work within the community has not gone unnoticed, and therefore, both local and international organisations intend to support making St. Maarten more resilient through collaborative efforts with community-based organisations, NPOwer St. Maarten said.

“To facilitate this process – while there are no immediate guarantees – it is of great importance to acquire the necessary feedback from all active charitable organisations in St. Maarten, which includes foundations, associations, federations, et cetera, to assist in making this opportunity a reality,” NPOwer said.

All NGOs/NPOs are requested to fill out a brief online survey no later than Thursday, August 15, 2019. The survey by VNG International takes a few minutes to complete.

“The potential outcome can be of great assistance to all involved,” according to NPOwer.

The data acquired from the survey will be analysed to guide where NGO/NPO priorities and needs lie. Based on this feedback and input from local organisations, further decisions can be made on the feasibility of World Bank assistance for NGOs/NPOs.

Source: The Daily Herald