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President of Beyond Kultura Foundation Loekie Morales (right) handing over the 704-euro cheque to Operations Manager of White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation Bregje Boetekees on behalf of

A mother of one of Sister Basilia Center’s clients received a food voucher.


ST. JOHN’S–Last year September, St. Maarten was severely hit by the Hurricanes Irma and Maria, leaving many people in a deprived situation. The island received support from many organizations and people from the Dutch Caribbean and The Netherlands. One of those organizations is World Statues Foundation SWS in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

For a number of years, SWS partnered with Beyond Kultura Events (BKE) Foundation in organizing Caribbean Living Statues Festivals in St. Maarten.

BKE president Loekie Morales said she was “very pleased” when she received a message from SWS that 704 euros were collected during the September 2017 World Statues Festival in Arnhem.

“Because of the big devastation in St. Maarten he saw on Dutch television and our good relationship with SWS, Director Robin Hagen came up with the idea of collecting money for St. Maarten’s victims during the World Statues Festival last year. It so happened, and the collected money was transferred through BKE’s bank account. They have collected 704 euros and trust our foundation with making sure the money is directly and well spent by hurricane victims,” Morales stated.

“We have tried to donate the money to victims via church organizations. We wrote them and tried to call them, but they didn’t react,” she said.

In the meantime, Morales learned via the media about the relief work of White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation, (WYCCF) which is directly involved with families who have suffered from the devastation of the two hurricanes.

WYCCF has been very active in Irma- recovery projects and due to its work in healthcare, both in its own institutions and at clients’ homes, the Foundation is in close contact with the most vulnerable residents of St. Maarten.

“You have the connections and would know which families can be served best…That’s why BKE trust you and your organization to make sure the right families are supported,” Morales wrote in a letter to WYCCF’s Operations Manager Bregje Boetekees.

Boetekees said she was “extremely happy” that WYCCF was selected as the donation’s beneficiary. “Every time we receive support we realize that many are still concerned with our island’s well-being, and this feels really good. We are not alone.”

She said WYCCF will purchase NAf. 100 food vouchers at a local supermarket and deliver these to 14 selected persons and families.

Source: The Daily Herald