Wyatte released from custody, mistake cited

PHILIPSBURG–Police released Elisidro Richardo Wyatte (45) on Friday, after arresting him in the Cupecoy area Wednesday evening.  Wyatte is a piano player at one of the restaurants near Starz casino. His release was ordered by the Prosecutor’s Office, which was in contact with authorities in the Dominican Republic.

  A statement from the Prosecutor’s Office on Friday said, “After his arrest the relevant authorities in the Dominican Republic were contacted. His release was ordered after information gathered from authorities in the Do
minican Republic confirmed that E.R.W.’s notification on the Interpol list was a mistake.  “In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office and the St. Maarten Police Force, also based on information gathered from the authorities in the Dominican Republic, vehemently deny reports on the Internet/in the media that E.R.W. is suspected of sexual abuse against minors.”  According to the Interpol website, Wyatte was wanted by the Dominican Republic for “crimes against children.” The website did not specify those crimes.  Wyatte has Dutch nationality.

Source: Daily Herald
Wyatte released from custody, mistake cited