WYCCF, SZV formalise AVBZ Care Contract

PHILIPSBURG–White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation (WYCCF) and Social and Health Insurances SZV on Friday, June 16, signed a two-year AVBZ care contract for the years of 2017 and 2018.

The contract will enable WYCCF to continue offering several care products to the residents of St Maarten.

SZV manages the AVBZ fund, which is a solidarity fund that began in 1996 and is funded by a premium paid by both employers and employees. The fund covers care for persons who are chronically ill or disabled, both physically and intellectually. SZV negotiates care contracts with care providers that cater to clients in need of chronic care. Examples of AVBZ covered care are: admission into the nursing home, use of the WYCCF psycho-geriatric day care, all three departments of the Sister Basilia Center and Home Nursing care for persons who continue to reside in their own home.

“The new two-year contract is unique as for the first time it includes an education and training budget,” WYCCF and SZV said in a joint press release on Monday. “This will enable the WYCCF to continuously educate and upgrade their teams to deliver the highest quality care possible.”

With its slogan of Trusted CARE, the WYCCF aims to deliver care that is client-centred, attentive, respectful and given with empathy.

In 2018, the nursing home of the WYCCF will expand from 44 to 55 beds, the Basilia Center Day Care will grow from 45 to 65 clients and the first hospice on the island will open in the St Martin’s Home. The expansions in the capacity of several AVBZ care products are included in the newly signed care agreement and this enables the WYCCF to address its ever growing waiting lists, the release said.

“Both organisations expressed gratitude to each other for securing an agreement that will cater to the many needs of their clients. Commitment to quality care that is safe and accessible is a shared goal and the newly signed AVBZ care agreement is an important step towards that goal.”

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/67178-wyccf-szv-formalise-avbz-care-contract