XP band wins SCDF’s Band Clash showdown

PHILIPSBURG–St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) hosted its first Band Clash in several years at TelEm’s parking lot in Philipsburg on Sunday. Close to 1,000 persons came out to watch the bands. Admission was free and SCDF was happy with the turnout.


Extreme Performance (XP) Band won the title with its sound 2000 truck setup.

No Limit Band and 4M HD also competed in the show, but the overwhelming sound of XP Band blew away the competition.

The Band Clash is part of SCDF’s approach to give local bands additional exposure for the Carnival season. Historically, the Clash has always drawn a passionate crowd of supporters for its favourite bands.page5b272

The majority of the crowd picked No Limit band as the crowd favourite in the old school freestyle segment. Bands played songs at the same time, drawing the crowd closer to them.

Criteria for Band Clash were that each band must play a 30-minute set. This set had to consist of the SCDF Classic Pick and other local songs. SCDF Classic Pick was the song “We goin’ on mad” by Youth Waves.

page5c272Each band had to start its set with The Classic Pick, played as it should be in its original recording. Bands had to perform the intro, first verse and one chorus of the song as the original, after which the song could be played in the band’s own style and rendition. After the Classic Pick, the band could continue its set with any combination of local and original songs. Bands might play songs of other bands if the songs were considered local.

There was a maximum of 100 points to be allotted towards Band of the Year totals by participating in Band Clash. The show was judged by a three-member panel of judges.

Audience members danced the afternoon away with bands entertaining the entire time. The show was hosted by Ricky Da Fox

Source: The Daily Herald XP band wins SCDF’s Band Clash showdown