YES Foundation finalises articles of incorporation

Representatives of the board of the YES foundation. From left: President and founder Dr. Natasha Gittens; Secretary Marouschka van Axel Dongen; Treasurer Shirley Gregoria; educational representative and board member Secretary, Marisha Olivacce-Carty and Vice President Migdala Clarinda.

PHILIPSBURG–The Youth Empowered for Success (YES) Foundation finalised its Articles of Incorporation on June 20. The Foundation’s board comprises President and founder Dr. Natasha Gittens; Vice President Migdala Clarinda; Treasurer Shirley Gregoria; Secretary Marouschka van Axel Dongen and educational representative and board member Secretary, Marisha Olivacce-Carty. The YES programme will give 10 students an opportunity to become an integral part of an academy of cadets it was stated in a press release on Monday. Five young men and five young women will be selected by a YES committee comprised of board members, community members, teachers, business people and school counsellors to ensure selected applicants meet the programme acceptance requirements. The academy cadets will be required to attend 12 mandatory half-day courses for one year and participate in fundraising and extracurricular activities with the option to recommit to the programme at the end of the first year.

  The courses will introduce students to topics that are expected to develop their leadership, professional and social skills such as public speaking, professionalism, the characteristics of successful people, finance, homeownership and investments and much more.

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  YES said it will recruit potential cadets from St. Dominic High, St. Maarten Vocational Training School (SMVTS), Milton Peters College (MPC), Sundial School, St. Maarten Academy, Methodist Agogic Center (MAC), Charlotte Brookson Academy (CBA) for the Performance Arts, Learning Unlimited (LU) Preparatory School and Caribbean International Academy (CIA).

  School counsellors and teachers will be asked to support recruitment and make student recommendations. Parents will also play an integral part in the programme and will be required to attend three events annually including an orientation meeting. The Foundation said it will begin accepting applications for its programme from August 10 to September 15.

  Clarinda was quoted as saying in the release that the aim of the YES programme is to positively impact St. Maarten’s future by inspiring youngsters to become the next generation of young professionals, who understand the value of education and good character.

  Gregoria said YES is empowering our youth to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams in a structured and educative environment that will guide them to become successful leaders.

Dongen said when leaders become successful they usually wish they learned and shaped their skills and talents sooner. The YES programme will develop and change cadets’ lives, she noted.

  Olivacce-Carty said in every dynamic society, there are essential learning tools that makes the difference between being good and achieving greatness. “The YES programme is delivering said tools to our youth, so that they are able to say ‘yes’ to new possibilities, ‘yes’ to overcoming challenges and ‘yes’ to simply being the greatest that you can be.”

  Additional information can be obtained by calling tel. 526-2050 or email:

Source: The Daily Herald