Yoda on tour | THE DAILY HERALD

St. Maarten’s “Yoda Guy” Nick Maley heads to Denver, Colorado, this weekend as a guest of Denver ComicCon’s “Reel Heroes” programme. He takes with him the animatronic Yoda puppet that he built at The Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit on Front Street in 2016 and uses that to inspire youngsters to follow their dreams and live extraordinary lives.

“Yoda is such an icon,” Maley said. “He has touched the consciousness of three generations and become a symbol of wisdom worldwide.” As a key contributor to Yoda’s creation, Maley is invited as a motivational speaker to share his experiences and help others understand what it takes to achieve unusual goals. He will give five talks while in Colorado. He will also demonstrate how Yoda worked and take the Jedi master to meet children at the “Kid’s Lab” – an educational “pop culture classroom” programme at the convention. (File photo)

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/77648-yoda-on-tour