Young cakemakers hold their ground in Cake Competition | THE DAILY HERALD

Ronald Estephane (right) accepting his prizes from event organiser Sinclair Carty.

PHILIPSBURG–Under the watchful eye of Sinclair Carty, judges announced the winners of the Sinclair Cute Cake Competition. The event was held Saturday at John Larmonie Center in Philipsburg and attracted persons from both sides of the island.


A sample of the cakes on display.

Participating cakemakers also came from districts across the island to showcase their wares and creativity. Complementing beautiful cakes and other delicatessens were homemade juices and punches. Judging the event were Member of Parliament Sarah Wescot Williams, Conscious Lyrics Foundation president Shujah Reiph and Jalanie Fleming.

  Two categories of cakes were judged, as well as the famous black cake. The winners in Category A were Elizabeth de Weever and young Joshua Carty, who finished in first and second place, respectively. In Category B the winners were Ronald Estephane and runner-up Khenya Metura.

  In the much-anticipated black cake competition, Estephane again emerged the winner, with Deborah Timothy close on his heels.

  Sinclair Carty: “It was lovely to see the young persons who participated so confidently competing in a warm and embracing atmosphere. I thank all the participants and my sponsors and, of course, the general public that came out. Look out for more tantalising pictures on social media.”

Source: The Daily Herald