Youngsters from insertion association present project to build Optimist boats

Optimist boats taking shape in the workshop.

MARIGOT–The insertion association of Sandy Ground, Vwel O Ven, recently presented a project to build three Optimist sailing boats at their marine workshop, and gave invited elected officials a progress report.

The association each year helps youngsters, who are falling behind or dropping out of school, to learn a trade.

Association President Jean-Mathieu Derville gave an overview of the project to Préfète Déléguée Anne Laubies who was accompanied by Sous-Préfet Francis Bouyer, Chargé de Mission for the Préfet of Guadeloupe, and assistant to Préfète Laubies Dominique Blanchard.

Préfète Anne Laubies and other officials take an interest in the Optimist project during a presentation by the Vwel O Ven Association in Sandy Ground on Friday.

Also taking an interest in the project was Member of Parliament (MP) Daniel Gibbs, Michael Wery of Maritime Affairs, and Territorial Councillor Jean- David Richardson.

The 11 young people taking part in the project come from Cycle d’Insertion Professionel Par Alternance (CIPPA), a class at the Lycée created to permit them to catch up in school work. They partly do school work and a part with the association. Thanks to the association’s partnership with Collège Mont de Accords, they can also follow nautical training courses.

The Optimist boats are built from a kit. One of the machines needed for the wood work was donated by Vinci Company. The students started the project in October 2016. Once completed, they can sail the boats and make them available to other school children interested in learning to sail.

Several partners are sponsoring the project, notably Vinci, L’Ile Marine, Marina Fort Louis, BTP, Getelec, Semsamar, Guadeloupe Academy, and Lycée Iles du Nord.

Source: The Daily Herald