Younique Water drops drinking water price as service to community

SUCKER GARDEN–Residents who are still battling to get drinking water in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, can now get bottled potable water for a reduced price from Younique Water located on Cactus Garden Road # 32 in Sucker Garden.

The owners of Younique Water have dropped their selling price of drinking water in an effort to give back to the community in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, which devastated the island with category 5 winds on Wednesday, September 6.
With many supermarkets still closed, Younique Water owner James Carty has decided to open the doors of his business to provide water to the community for US $3 instead of the regular price US $4 per bottle. The company is also selling the rare commodity right now – ice – for US $2 per bag.
“Right now it’s not about the money. It’s about getting the water to the people,” he said. “We still have to purchase fuel.”
Carty told The Daily Herald on Tuesday that his company has been open for six years. The company gets its water from utilities company GEBE and purifies it through a process of reverse osmosis, bottles it and sells them to supermarkets and individuals. The company reopened since Sunday, September 10, and has been selling water.
“GEBE is giving us water in Pointe Blanche and we pass it through our reverse osmosis system so that the people can get water,” he says.
He said while many people are appreciative of his gesture to reopen and provide the service, some persons complain of having to stand in long lines to get their water. While persons wait in queue for water, workers serve them cold water to drink to cool them down.

Source: The Daily Herald