Youth Department launches after-school arts programme

Shellya Rogers, Collette Jones-Chin, Samara Gumbs, Cora Richardson-Hodge (Minister of Home Affairs), Hyacinth Bradley and Bren Romney at the launch


ANGUILLA–“YOUth Create” was launched by the Department of Youth and Culture last week. It is a programme that will expose students to theatre, dance and music, both traditional and contemporary.

  Anguilla has a number of artistic events, but many children – because of their economic status – are unable to take advantage of these. The Department has a responsibility to facilitate the creative arts within the primary schools, and started the programme for students from Grade 2 to 6. The programme will be theme-based and aligned with the three academic terms that will each have a unique theme. It is expected that the programme will become a key component of annual school concerts and fundraising activities.

  The first year of the programme will involve a pilot group of three schools, Orealia Kelly, Adrian Hazel and Morris Vanterpool Primary Schools. The coordinator for the programme is Collette Jones Chin, who will be assisted by Samara Gumbs and Miguel Walker. 

Source: The Daily Herald