Youth who hurled stone that injured Gendarme arrested

MARIGOT–A repeat offender who had already been condemned for violence with a weapon was arrested Thursday morning and placed in custody for injuring a gendarme during an altercation with a group of youths in Sandy Ground, Prosecutor Yves Paillard disclosed.

  On February 25, a Gendarmerie patrol was in Sandy Ground around midday and encountered a group of youths acting suspiciously and lighting a joint on Rue Bonn Fish. The group refused to show their papers to the Gendarmes and a hostile crowd quickly gathered surrounding the law enforcement officers.

  Projectiles were hurled at the Gendarmes and one stone struck the elbow of the patrol chief who was trying to protect his face. A gendarme had no option but to fire a rubber bullet at the assailant as a warning. The bombardment of stones prevented one of the youths from being caught.

  Later, however, the individual who injured the Gendarme in the elbow was identified as Jean L. and he acknowledged his part in the fracas according to the Prosecutor. He will appear in court today, Friday, in Marigot charged with drugs usage and aggravated violence.

Source: The Daily Herald