Youth workers attend training course in Aruba | THE DAILY HERALD

Group shot of training course participants.

ANGUILLA–Three youth workers from Anguilla attended a Youth Workers/Leaders Erasmus training course in Oranjestad, Aruba. It was organised through the Abba’s House Anguilla in partnership with the Anguilla National Youth Council and the Department of Youth and Culture. The training course entitled “Meet the Method” was designed to address the needs of youth workers by providing them with methods and techniques for non-formal education (NFE), as well as to help them better understand NFE education and its characteristics and purpose for lifelong learning, especially in countries where inter-culturalism is prominent.

  The training course included attendees from Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, St. Maarten and Anguilla. Together, youth workers from these countries adopted the motto: “Sharing is Caring”, where a number of methods were shared and experienced. Some methods learnt were molecules, speed dating, robot, world café, spiritual animal and many more.

  The “Meet the Method” training course, also aimed to develop the professionalism of youth workers in the field of NFE, in hopes of fostering civic engagement and responsible citizenship. They further aimed to promote European cooperation in the field of youth by creating equal opportunities for education through intercultural sharing and exchange of best practices, experiences and expertise, while promoting a more democratic and civil society. The purpose was to strengthen the confidence of youth workers through developing their creativity, and empowering their cognitive and practical skills, in order to deliver quality programmes in a manner that encourages participation, ownership and creativity by everyone involved.

Source: The Daily Herald