Zemi Beach to be 1st 5-star hotel in Anguilla to re-open

Zemi Beach House Hotel and Spa.

ANGUILLA–Zemi Beach House Hotel and Spa has announced that it will be opening on February 15. It will be the first five-star hotel to reopen since Hurricane Irma. The owners and employees have been working relentlessly on repairs and upgrades.

  “We are elated to announce that Zemi Beach House Hotel and Spa will reopen after the challenges of Hurricane Irma,” said Jeff Goldstein, proprietor of Fountain Beach Residence. “We’ve completed restoration of any damages that the property sustained and have returned the hotel and spa to their award-winning status.”


  Restoration included repairs and upgrades to the Thai House Spa and guest rooms including Internet, cable TV provision as well as the carefully manicured landscaping. The beachfront has additional sand added and the pool areas have been brought back to their original status. The restaurants will reopen with new menus.

  General Manager Paulo Paias said that they look forward to welcoming back guests to the property. He noted that the employees had benefitted from the joint Anguilla Stronger programme designed to provide support during the closure of the hotels. 

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/72422-zemi-beach-to-be-1st-5-star-hotel-in-anguilla-to-re-open