Zero-tolerance policy for public transportation | THE DAILY HERALD

Control Unit officers addressing a suspected gypsy.

PHILIPSBURG–Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications (TEATT) on Wednesday, March 13, conducted several controls in the area of public transportation.

Fines were issued along Juancho Yrausquin Boulevard in the vicinity of the port and in the vicinity of The Refuge (formerly Sunset Beach Bar) to both permit holders and non-permit holders for violation of the Public Transportation Ordinance, according to the ministry on Tuesday.

TEATT Minister Stuart Johnson said the measures being taken by the Control Unit are to ensure that all businesses in the public transportation sector are operating according to their licences and permits.

Violations found by inspectors were offering public transportation services without a permit, falsely advertising one’s vehicle as a taxi, engaging in providing tours with a motor vehicle designated as a public bus, not possessing a driver’s licence of the correct category for the motor vehicle being operated, drivers not being able to provide proof of having their permit on request of the investigating officer, and operating a motor vehicle with a seating capacity that does not meet the legal requirement for the applicable permit.

“My ministry is taking a zero-tolerance approach where the safety and security of public transportation is concerned, once violations are found. We cannot have services being provided which are not in line with the laws of the land. Licences and permits are given based on the laws of the land with stipulations and criteria that must be followed and adhered to.

“We have to ensure the safety and security of all those who make use of our public transportation system on a daily basis, who are locals and visitors, and therefore a zero-tolerance policy has been put in place,” Johnson said on Tuesday.

These controls will continue with increased frequency. The Control Unit therefore strongly advises all transportation permit holders to always have a valid permit, valid motor vehicle insurance, motor vehicle inspection card and a valid driver’s licence readily available upon request.

Drivers engaged in public transportation with or without a permit will be dealt with according to a zero-tolerance policy, once found in violation. This applies to both permit holders and non-permit holders. A fine up to NAf. 500 can be given per violation.

Source: The Daily Herald