Curacao participates in Cuba’s international fair


WILLEMSTAD – Curaçao will take part for the first time in the International Fair of Havana (Fihav 2015), from November 2 to 7, bringing a delegation of over 40 business people belonging to firms in the fields of construction, textile, legal consultancy, fashion, airlines, renewable energy-related projects and IT.

Some of those businesses were created recently, and others have years of experience in their trade, but all of these CEOs will travel to Havana with the aim to know firsthand about the mechanism established in Cuba to facilitate foreign trade and investment.

Some of them are even hoping to return from Fihav 2015 with some investment project to place their products and services in Cuba, which would mean higher income and a new market, they said in remarks to Prensa Latina.

To most of them, this constitutes their first trip to Cuba, so their presence in the 33rd Fihav this year is a space to exchange experiences and a way to explore business opportunities there.

Meanwhile, executives of at least two firms already operating in Cuba hope to broaden and consolidate their presence there.

Some 4,500 business people from over 60 countries are expected to attend Fihav 2015, according to organizers of the event, which is held in the Expocuba exhibit center every year.

A consolidated fair held every year since 1983, Fihav is considered the most important such event in Cuba and the Caribbean and one of the most representative in Latin America.

Source: Today SXM News Curacao participates in Cuba’s international fair