Plasterk considers “alternative plan”: Plans of approach for police and prison fail



THE HAGUE – The Dutch government does not want to renew the General Measure of Kingdom Administration (AMvRB) for the plans of approach for St. Maarten and Curacao, Pieter Hofmann reports on Caribisch Netwerk. In consultation with St. Maarten, a new plan will be worked out.

Minister Ronald Plasterk (Kingdom Relations) confirmed this yesterday in the Dutch parliament.

The AMvRB aimed to bring the execution of national tasks up to par in both countries. Five of the seven plans have been concluded successfully. In October of this year, when the AMvRB expires, Curacao should meet all requirements. The measure was extended twice since 10-10-10.

The parliament is concerned about St. Maarten because two crucial plans of approach could not be executed – the ones for the police and for the Pointe Blanche prison. The police force is heavily understaffed and at the prison the number of vacancies is on the rise.

According to the Progress Committee there is “no budget but also no motivation.” Tasks have not been executed at all, or they have been done too late. Sometime the Progress Committee did not even get an audience. The committee has concluded that the AMvRB does not work anymore and that an alternative plan is necessary. Plasterk supports this point of view, but this in turn surprises VVD-MP André Bosman. “When a goal is not achieved, stopping is not an option. There is a commitment.”

Roelof Bisschop (SGP) wondered whether the minister cannot use a more compelling measure than an AMvRB, for instance via the Kingdom Council of Ministers. Plasterk said that he had considered an instruction but that this has also started a good dialogue between the two governments.

Earlier, the minister gave a financial injection of €22 million to the strengthening of law enforcement in St. Maarten. Alexander Pechtold (D66) does not exclude the need for new financial support for St. Maarten considering the serious problems with organized crime.

Plasterk promised the parliament that he will present an alternative plan before the end of August.

Source: Today SXM News Plasterk considers “alternative plan”: Plans of approach for police and prison fail