Be the Change donates to Les Fruits de Mer

GRAND CASE – Be the Change Foundation recently presented its first donation of the year to Les Fruits De Mer Association, the Spotlight Project for the month of February.

Les Fruits De Mer is a local non-profit association whose core mission is to promote awareness about nature, culture, and sport. The organization carries out their mission in several ways, primarily through publications, an education program, and special public outreach events that entertain, inspire and inform.

With the funds raised by Be the Change’s monthly and annual donors, Les Fruits De Mer will be creating interpretive signage highlighting the native animal and plant species found at the St. Maarten Zoo in Madame Estate. This signage will not only help enhance the Zoo, but will also enrich the experience of visitors, both tourist and local, by sharing information about the natural history of our 37 square mile island. Les Fruits De Mer will be working closely in collaboration with the zoo in order to install the signage during SXM DOET on the 11th and 12th of March. They will also be showcasing the signage in April at their annual Endemic Animal Festival.

Since 2012, Be the Change Foundation has continuously supported various organizations’ causes throughout the community and has been able to raise over $36,000 with the help of its members who give as little as $1 per month. Visit for information about becoming a member and helping to contribute to the causes that need support.

Be the Change Foundation encourages the community to come out and lend a helping hand for SXM DOET on March 11 12 at one of the close to forty community service projects. Visit to sign up, call 580 14 37, or go to

Source: Today SXM Be the Change donates to Les Fruits de Mer