Carnival booth, season pass payments due by March 15

St. Maarten News – Booth holders registered for Carnival 2016 have until March 15 to pay their fees in full or risk losing the leasing rights to a booth. Likewise, everyone who has registered for a Carnival season pass has to pay the price of the pass in full by March 15. This deadline will not be extended for booths or season passes.

The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) has stressed this point on numerous occasions since registration for booths closed in November 2015. Booth holders were given five months to pay the booth fee. Registration for season passes opened in November with the option to pay in two installments.

“Folks are under the impression that they can register and leave it at that. The process is to register and pay the season pass fee in full by March 15. Once that date passes, we won’t take any payments, even if you are registered,” SCDF said.

The foundation has a waiting list of over 100 people who want to operate a booth in Carnival Village. “If persons who are rgeistered for a booth fail to pay the total booth fees by March 15, we will turn to our list and offer the booth up for lease. The process is the same every year for the past decade or more. There will be no extensions,” the foundation stressed.

SCDF office is located above the Windward Islands Bank on Illidge Road and is open from 10:00am until 6:00pm every day including Saturdays.

Source: Today SXM Carnival booth, season pass payments due by March 15