Coalition wants Schotte to quit

Schotte (1)

WILLEMSTAD–The PS/PAIS/PAR/PNP Sulvaran coalition in Curaçao has asked PAIS leader Alex Rosaria to send a letter on their behalf to President of Parliament Mike Franco, saying they do not agree with MFK leader Gerrit Schotte remaining in the legislature after his conviction for corruption.

“Pueblo Soberano” (PS) leader Jaime Cordoba had stated that there is no room in Parliament for a convict. He could not imagine convicted Schotte attending meetings as though nothing has happened.

“It’s a great shame. If I were him I would stay away. I’d dare not show my face,” Cordoba added.

However, Franco (PAIS) confirmed that the seat of the elected representative must be given up only when there is a final judgment. “Right now that is not the case, because Schotte’s legal representative indicated that they will use their right to appeal. Only Schotte himself can submit his resignation,” said Franco.

PAR leader Zita Jesus-Leito thinks justice has prevailed. “Everyone now knows that we have a politician who is willing to sell Curaçao for matters that cannot bear the light of day,” was her reaction.

Cordoba had called it a matter of ethics and the plan was to appeal to the moral responsibility of the opposition member. Independent (former) parliamentarian Glenn Sulvaran said all coalition members would sign the letter requesting that Schotte give up his seat.

However, elections are scheduled for September 30 and Schotte has every intention of participating, as well as remaining a parliamentarian until then. The MKF leader showed up for the meetings as usual on Monday, saying the people had elected him into office and he would continue to do his work as such.

The movement “Kòrsou Solidario i Duradero” (KSD) meanwhile has called for immediately dissolving the legislature and calling snap elections as soon as possible “to rescue the integrity of Parliament.”

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  1. Gerrit will stay on and clamor to his seat like any MP pushed in a corner. Look at MP Illidge and Laveist as prime examples.

    Nasty breed of humans dem politicians dem