Navy intercepts marijuana shipment

St. Maarten News – The marine vessel Sr. Ms. De Zeven Provinciën intercepted 400 kilos of marijuana in the Caribbean Sea this week. Members of the American coastguard and Belgian pilots took part in the action from the air defense and command frigate.

When the frigate approached a fishing vessel just before sunrise during a patrol, the vessel fled. The three-strong crew panicked and threw packages overboard. The marine vessel pursued the fishing vessel. At the same time the Belgian helicopter aboard De Zeven Provinciën went airborne to survey the area. The three crew members of the fishing vessel were arrested.

The navy fished 400 kilos of marijuana out of the water. Because of the pursuit the crew did not manage to catch all packages. The American coastguard team searched the fishing vessel.

The suspects and the drugs have been handed over to American authorities.

Source: Today SXM Navy intercepts marijuana shipment