New generator for GEBE to arrive in Sept. or Oct.

PHILIPSBURG–Utilities Company GEBE has signed a contract with Wärtsilä Corporation to purchase a brand-new diesel generator, which is scheduled to arrive in St. Maarten in late September or early October of this year with the first test date set for December 16.

The new diesel generator is a dual-fuel engine, and as such it will be able to use Liquid Natural Gas along with LFO and HFO. The diesel generator will be cooled using radiators, and as a result there will not be any seaweed-related cooling problems.

GEBE said the purchase of the 11.3 MW diesel generator will improve the efficiency and reliability at the Cay Bay Power Plant. “After this addition, the power plant will be powered with 15 Wärtsilä engines,” GEBE said.

Wärtsilä is said to be a leading global ship power supplier and a major provider of decentralized power generation systems and of supporting services.

The Daily Herald: