Police announce parking bans near Kim Sha Beach

St. Maarten News – The police has taken traffic measures to handle the expected crowds around the Heineken Regatta, especially for the events on Kim Sha Beach on Saturday and Sunday. There are parking bans in place for several areas.

Parking will be prohibited on the Billy Folly road. This area will be barricaded to allow the free flow of traffic in both directions, in and out of the Pelican area.

Parking will be prohibited on the western road side of Welfare Road from “Toppers” through to “Skip Jack”. This area will also be barricaded.

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Parking will be prohibited on both unnamed, unpaved roads (next to Nature’s Discount) leading from Welfare road to the Kim Sha beach. These are identified as EMERGENCY EXITS from the event’s location.

Parking will be prohibited next to the BBQ grill which will be barricaded on both sides and will be used as the main emergency exit. No vendors will be allowed in the barricaded areas.

Barricades will be put in place on Friday, March 4 during the course of the day. The police is asking citizens to remove vehicles parked in any of these restricted areas, prior to Friday, to avoid the inconvenience and expense of having their vehicle towed.

Source: Today SXM Police announce parking bans near Kim Sha Beach