Three Years In Prison For Former Prime Minister Schotte Of Curaçao For Corruption

WILLEMSTAD – Gerrit Schotte, former Prime Minister of Curaçao, was found guilty of corruption and was sentenced to three years in prison. The judge has also ruled that Schotte cannot stand for election for five years.

The penalty is equal to the demand of the Public Prosecutor (OM). Schotte’s life partner, Cicely van der Dijs (owner of the gas stations VanDis) was also found guilty. She was sentenced to eighteen months in prison, of which nine is conditional. This means that she will only stay in prison for nine months.

Schotte was accused of several other offenses including money laundering and forgery. The judge claims that he abused his position as prime minister.

According to the OM received funds from the Italian mafia linked Sint Maarten casino boss, Francesco Corallo to establish his political party. As prime minister, Schotte, as stated by the OM and found proven by the judge, abused his power in favor of Corallo.

Schotte was prime minister of Curaçao from 2010 till 2012. He was the first prime minister of the new country Curaçao, after the Netherlands Antilles was abolished. He also founded to political party MFK, which is now the largest opposition party in parliament.


Curacao Chronicle:


  1. wow wow wow….At least we get some justice. I can imagine some people in Sint Maarten are starting to feel very nervous lol!