BREAKING NEWS: Young man beaten to death on Diamond Estate entrance


Diamond Estate, Sint Maarten – a group of young men with prior problems encountered each other  around 10:00pm at the Bush road Gas Station. A fight broke out  and the patrons  at the gas station called the police but the police did not arrive on  time and the two groups split and left the location.

They started a chase that lead the two groups to Colebay at the entrance of Diamond Estate. The two groups came out the cars they were in and the fight started again. According to reliable sources the largest group overpowered  the smaller one and 3 persons were injured one was  severely injured  after he receives multiple stab wounds.

The ambulance came and transported them to the St Maarten Medical Center where the victim with the most serious injuries lost his life due to  his injuries. On Facebook his friends identified him as Gary Zorilla of  Bush road.

The police and detective is busy investigating this new murder case,  nobody was arrested for this crime as yet.

721news was LIVE at the crime scene.

Source: 721 News