Custom on PJIA intercepted cocaine and raw cash


>AIRPORT — On Sunday November 4th, during another intense and routine control, Custom Officers at the Princes Juliana airport confiscated  (2) packages of >cocaine weighing +/- 2135 gram, Gross, from a passenger with initials >I.C.S. a Dutch national from Curacao.

The two packages were hidden inside his suitcase. The suspect arrived on the Winair flight from Curacao and have been arrested.

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No further information can be given as investigation is ongoing.

On Saturday October the 27th Custom Officers at the Princess Juliana airport during a intense and routine control gave a fine to a Jordanian National with initials >D.Y.B. departing to Panama. The passenger was travelling with >US$ 71.700,– and  didn’t declare his monies to the Customs officials. All fines are ordained by the Public Prosecutor.

Intensified controls will continue at both airport and harbor locations.

Source: 721 News