The NIPA Supervisory Board of Directors , after much deliberations , and based on the guidance of the WHO , hereby wishes to inform you that :

1. The continuation of the short Construction Courses , the AC/ Refrigeration course and the SMTF Culinary / Hospitality courses will be postponed , effective Tuesday March 17, 2020 for an initial period of 2 weeks.

2. The exam week will remain on schedule , with a special focus on the continued heightened hygiene practices ( wash hands prior to exams , spray classrooms and desk areas )Upon the end of exam week ( beginning Friday , March 20, 2020) the campus will close its doors for a period , to end on Friday , April 3, 2020

3. The Bistro is closed to the public , effective this week, for an initial period of 2 weeks.

4. All teachers are expected to review class work and where possible prepare and send out assignments to the students via email.

5. A deep cleaning of the campus will be done during the 2 weeks closure

6. Enrollment dates will be adjusted to accommodate students – shifting the final date to enrollment to May 22, 2020.

7. The graduation ceremony ( MIC IT construction courses) initially slated for Thursday, April 9, 2020 , will also be postponed until further notice. Graduates will be advised accordingly.

Our campus has a current student count of over 420 + students , and managing social distances is a feat that is simply impossible given this reality.

This was not an easy decision , but it’s one that we believe is in the best interest and health of our student body and team members.

We have taken note as well of the school closures on the French side of island, the surrounding islands in the Caribbean , and our Kingdom partners, – all being done with one goal in mind – together with a collective effort , we will halt the increasing fast spread of the Covid 2019.

During the 2 weeks period , we encourage persons to self-isolate and take all necessary steps for social distancing .

Near the end of the 2 weeks period , another assessment will be conducted and further communication will be forthcoming.

Let us remain calm, resolute and focused on our mission to battle this virus . If we all do our part , we will overcome this too.

Continued wisdom to the Government of Sint Maarten , its leaders, business leaders , and community leaders.

Source: 721 News