Karen Cadogan is the Queen of Sheba in ‘The Rise and Fall of King Solomon’


>SUCKER GARDEN, St. Maarten – Karen Cadogan is more than excited to take on the role of the Queen of Sheba as she thinks of all the naughty things she will be doing this weekend to bring about the downfall of King Solomon, one of the wisest men to rule in biblical times.

In the end, however, the renowned songstress says she wants the audience to recognize that despite making mistakes in life, there is always redemption when people ask God for forgiveness.

“When you commit to God, God also commits to you. When you go opposite to what He wants you to do will be a downfall. But the message is not just to stay there. [The play] will show people that when you do fall, there is still hope because God forgives,” stated Cadogan.

‘The Rise and Fall of King Solomon’ will be staged at the L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium on Saturday, >August 11, 2018, starting at 7:30pm. This wholesome family show, which is being produced by Better Opportunity for Talent (BOFT), will feature performances by Benjamin Bell and his band, God’s Chosen, as well as Christian Fellowship Church Total Restoration Dance Ministry, just to name a few.

Speaking about her role in the play, the Barbados-born Cadogan explained that the character of the Queen of Sheba is new for her because she tends to do roles that are usually happy, spirited, and jolly.

“But this role has that essence of royalty and seductiveness. That is intriguing to me,” she said.

Although a Baptist worshipper, her involvement in the play with a cast made up mainly of members of the Cole Bay Methodist Church came about because she usually performs as a guest artiste when the Methodist Church, especially the Cole Bay branch, has its Voices in Praise events.

Earlier this year, she was also cast in another production of the Cole Bay Methodist Church, ‘The Promise’, a play which featured Noah and the great flood.

According to Cadogan, her love for drama started ever since she was a child, acting both in church and at school. She loves going to the theatre as she believes in supporting the arts on St. Maarten and giving back to the community.

When she is not acting, this ardent dog-lover and travel consultant loves to sing. Born into a musical family, she found herself singing from the age of two years old, six months after she moved with her parents to St. Maarten.

“I came from a musical background as many of my family members, on both my mother’s and father’s side either sing, or play instruments, or teach music,” said Cadogan, adding, “I look at my singing as a gift and I use that continuously as a gift instead for commercial [means].”

As an only child growing up with her mother and father, the latter of whom is a retired educator, Cadogan said she enjoyed singing and playing volleyball and baseball during her years at the then St. Peters Hillside School, and throughout her secondary years at Milton Peters College and St. Maarten Academy.

Along with her talent for acting and singing, Cadogan also holds a double major in law and politics from the Barbados Community College, a degree in General Liberal Arts from the University of St. Martin, and a bachelor’s degree in Travel Tourism Management from Johnson and Wales in Rhode Island.

She loves to travel and meet people.

“Travelling is my passion, as when you travel, you meet people. That’s one of my favorites – meeting people, being able to share a good word with them, enlightening them, building them up, edifying somebody who might be down and experiencing different cultures,” said the self-proclaimed globetrotter.

She is calling on the community of St. Maarten to come out this Saturday in support of the production because they will be highlighting local talent.

“We have a lot of hidden talent on the island and only through events like these we discover how talented a lot of people are. It is amazing to see, especially the young people. Through this [production] it will bring forth another cast of talent. So I really want people to come out and support. Too often we look outside for entertainment, for performers and actors, when we have them right here,” she stated.

Reiterating the message of the play, Cadogan said she wants to remind people to stay focused, stay positive and have an open mind. There is always hope as they will see in ‘The Rise and Fall of King Solomon’.

Tickets for the show are on sale at SOS Radio, Family Bookstore, and VanDorp Stores. Cast members also have tickets. Adults cost $20, while children will pay only $5.

Source: 721 News https://721news.com/top-story/karen-cadogan-is-the-queen-of-sheba-in-the-rise-and-fall-of-king-solomon/