MP Wescot inquires about GEBE’s electricity supply and load shedding


PHILIPSBURG – With the recent spikes (again) in electricity outages/load shedding and GEBE’s statements regarding same, such as regular maintenance, unexpected stoppages, safety concerns, overheating and such, Member of Parliament (MP) Sarah Wescot-Williams urgently requested Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Development, Environment and Infrastructure Christophe Emmanuel to answer the following questions:

In her letter to Minister Emmanuel, MP Wescot made reference to the Governing Program 2016-2020: “Stability for Prosperity,” where it states:

In a subsequent letter, Wescot also addressed GEBE’s electricity supply versus the demand for such, which has been under constant discussion lately again and many consumers are awaiting clarity regarding GEBE’s “buy back” from individual consumers any overage these consumers might generate through alternative forms of energy.

“Considering an initiative undertaken by the DP faction in Parliament in 2012, Minister Emmanuel was asked to inform if and what initiatives have been undertaken by government and or GEBE NV to address this matter of buy back/sale to GEBE,” she wrote.

The MP further queried: “Are there any existing stumbling blocks in the way of this development? What are these? Are they technical or legislative in nature? Is this a priority for government? If so, please provide a timeline of actions in connection herewith.”

In order to assess Government’s actions against its Governing Program, the MP in her letter to the Minister referred to the 2016-2020 Governing Program “Stability for Prosperity,” namely the stated initiatives:

Source: 721 News