New Internist employed at St. Maarten Medical Center


Cayhill, Sint Maarten — The St. Maarten Medical Center welcome a new Internist-nephrologist to their medical staff on October 30th, 2017.

Dr. Laima Siddiqi – Nadery obtained her MD and PhD degree from the University Medical Center Utrecht. There she recently completed her specialty training in Internal Medicine and Nephrology.

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After completing her training, Dr. Siddiqi – Nadery chose St. Maarten as her ideal place of work. “Providing optimal care, despite practicing with limited facilities is a challenge that I always wanted to go for. I am here to give a hand, make the team of SMMC stronger and help those in need, on this beautiful island” Dr. Siddiqi said.

In addition to specialization in internal medicine and Nephrology, Dr. Siddiqi has a PhD degree on therapy resistant high blood pressure and prevention of cardiovascular damage.

“My message to the people of Sint Maarten is: I cannot treat my patients alone, I need the cooperation and help of my patients. I am here to help, so let’s do it together!” Dr. Siddiqi said.

With the services of Dr. Siddiqi-Nadery, the SMMC will increase care in the field of Internal Medicine and Nephrology.

Patients who wish to see the new Internist are to make an appointment at the Outpatient department +1721-543 1111 ext. 1300. Appointments can be made from Mondays-Fridays between 8:00– 16:30. SZV patients are further required to obtain a referral letter from their family doctor before visiting the Internist-nephrologist.


Source: 721 News