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PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — St. Maarten Martial Arts Federation (SMMAF) held their fourth and biggest event to date last Saturday, May 18th at the MPC Gym in St. Peters.  The event showcased two combat martial arts for adults and children- Muay Thai Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The gymnasium was split in two sections. A mat area for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu matches and a professional size boxing ring for the kickboxing matches.

Nearly 100 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors were represented by SXM BJJ Renzo Gracie St. Maarten, Saint Barths Jiu Jitsu Team and Guadalupe’s ZR Team from age 5 to 51 years and white to black belt.  50 competitors from ages 4 to 27 participated in the Muay Thai kickboxing matches from the following schools: Sityodtong Kickboxing, Akeem Lewis’s SXM BJJ/Sityodtong Cole Bay, Kyokushin St Maarten, Caribbean Shidokan St Martin and Caribbean Karate Oyama.

Results from the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu matches were as follows:

Selah Romney defeated Topper Daboul by points. Lucas Berman defeated Declan Boyd by points. Mason Hoeve defeated Eli van Windt by points.

First time competitor Aria Kukreja defeated Luna Fourie. Topper Daboul defeated Jean Harold Audebert. Eldrik Phebe defeated teammate Douglas Pearson by 2 points. Julia Hinkfoot defeated first time competitor Nahjae Prince by referee decision. Darina Smirnova defeated Topper Daboul by referee decision. Lucas Berman defeated Liam van Windt.

Rylan Benjamin defeated Vlad Ahlip by referee decision. Caleb Deher defeated 5 year old Eli van Windt by 2 points. Niel Jederon defeated Gabriel Sequaris. Leandro Zabala defeated Miles Cheasley by 2 points. Mila Johnson defeated Nathan Sagnia by decision.

Naiysha Hassel defeated SXM’s Mila Johnson via arm-bar. SXM BJJ’s Ajae Dayday had an technical match with his younger and lighter teammate Lukas Hassall, defeating Lukas via submission with a tied scoreboard. Param Jessani defeated Jaden Busby by points. Shaquannie Vanterpool defeated teammate Sacha Leal, who was an underdog by age, weight belt and height.

Sacha Leal competed in both Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai and agreed to the match to give his teammate whose adult opponent from Guadeloupe couldn’t make it. Shaquannie Vanterpool also defeated 14 year old Ajae Dayday who stepped up to a big challenge for a match with the heavier and older teammate who trains exclusively with adults.

In the inter-island matches between rival teams- 10 year old Lucas Bardfield of SXM defeated 9 year old Maximillian Greaux of St Barths by arm-bar. Maximillian Greaux of St Barths then overcame SXM’s white belt newcomer Nathan Sagnia on points.

9 year old Eloa Noel of St Barths overcame SXM’s fierce 7 year old Selah Romney by points. Justice Lawrence defeated Manoa Bosc Schallon by arm-bar. Keziah Hoeve defeated an older and heavier Floriane Aubin of St Barths via arm-bar. SXM’s Miles Cheasley defeated St Barths phenom Keziah Collet-Delanney via a narrow margin of just one advantage.

Young surfer Keziah Collet-Delanney had previously been undefeated and a crowd favorite. SXM’s Seybian Ortega defeated St Barth’s Tonni Doix via arm-bar. SXM’s Julia Hinkfoot defeated Mahe De Gravelyn of St Barths 9-2. Param Jessani (12) defeated Colin Berlizon (10) via points 11-0. 12 year old Lukas Hassall defeated 14 year old Manon Aubin of St Barths, Manon is an female athlete and avid competitor.

10 year old female fighter Megan Whyte defeated 8 year old Camille Berry (male) by arm-bar. 10 year old Nakysha Jederon defeated 14 year old Amalya Aufrand 6-2. SXM’s Naiysha Hassall defeated Penelope Desgranges. 14 year old Manon Aubin of St Barths defeated 10 year old white belt Xaviera Thomas via points. Xaviera showed incredible heart and courage in her first competition and up against experienced and older athletes.

For the adults matches SXM purple belt coach Jami Eloi submitted St. Barth’s Rony Beal within less than two minutes. St Barth’s veteran purple belt competitor Yann Baler defeated 17 year old Baptiste Lagrange on points. SXM’s orange belt teenager Derek Matser defeated Samana Bidet (Green belt of St Barths) on points. SXM’s blue belt Cristiano Cigodari defeated Benjamin Di Francesco via submission.

Antoine Marquet of Guadalupe defeated Cristiano Cigodari via points. In a close match Guadaloupe’s only female competitor, 17-year-old white belt Eloa Felix defeated SXM’s 14 year old Renard Brison by points. The match was scored incorrectly, and the win first given to Renard was overturned by referee Melissa Bardfield after consulting with Charles Bucher of Guadeloupe. Miss Eloa Felix is a strong young female competitor whom we expect to see great things from in the future.

SXM blue belt Ehrling Hoeve defeated Jean Christophe Durel of Guadeloupe via arm-bar submission. Blue belt Lucas Combet of Guadeloupe defeated Lars van den Eng of SXM on points. White belts Hugo Bielkiewicz of Guadeloupe defeated Jean Charles Rondy of St Barths. St Barths ultra heavy weight Rui Araujo defeated Guadeloupe’s white belt Willy Vulgaire on point. Purple belt Lorenzo Iacovelli (37) of Guadeloupe defeated SXM’s Baptiste Lagrange (17) on points.

Purple belt Yann Baller of St Barths defeated Sylvain Gondet of Guadeloupe. White belt Jean Charles Rondy defeated Guadeloupe’s Yohan JIHIGAI via submission, Jean Sébastien Lebrun defeated Ernesto Acorta.  Jean Michel Renciot defeated Jean Charles Rondy via technical disqualification (knee reaping). In the sole no-gi match of the event Guadeloupe’s white belt Jean Mitchel Renciot defeated St Barth’s blue belt Benjamin Di Francesco via submission.

At the end of the day the crowd was treated to a black belt match- the first ever of this level in St Maarten- Guadeloupe’s head professor, 41-year-old feather weight Charles Bucher had a friendly match with St Barth’s younger and heavier blackbelt Chris Vlang. The close match was decided by points at the very end of the match with the win going to St Barths.

The results of the Muay Thai kickboxing matches were as follows:

Starting with the youngest athletes- Sernik Porcasi verus Diandra Peterson ended in a draw. Jean-Harold Audebert fought Ivan Malisev, Ivan won via decision.  Dorina Smirnova won her match against Stella Palmer. Diandra Peterson defeated Shayne Gibbs via points.  Justice Lawrence had a tough fight with Loha Kozakiewiez, Loha won the fight via points. Martin Guichard defeated Douglas Pearson via judges decision.

Eldrick Phebe won via second round stoppage against Manon Desplanches.  Prudence Dubrulle won her fight with Yerrick Elsbeth by points.  Marcus Hassel fought Hayan Marot Roquet, Hayan won via points. Gia Parisot won her fight with Darina Smirnova. Mateo Fourie won his fight against Manoa Aubert. Lucas Bardfield went against Alexandre Marchi, Alexandre won via points.  Jayden Jacobus won his fight with Noaa Saint Léger. Matteo Van Bekkum fought hard to get the win over Carey Gianni.

Nihal Chugani won his fight with Lea Caron. Jayden Jacobus and Angel Lesure had an exciting back and forth fight which ended in a draw. Chad Walter won his fight against Steven Jeanford. Matteo Van Bekkum won his fight against Vilorio Kendrys. Louka Williams fought hard and got the win over Leonardo Haddocks.

Joshua Page had a tough fight with Vadim Malisev, Vadim won via points. Louka Williams went up against Jayden Busby, Jayden got the win via points. Gabriel Sequaris went against Joshua Page with Page coming away with the win, Sacha Bourguignon went against SMMAF tournament veteran Avish Dilen, Sacha fought a good fight and edged Avish to earn the win via judges decision.

Sacha Leal fought hard against Kimberly Reymond but lost via points to Kimberly.  Anne-Marie James had an exciting match against Thaliya Barray, fighting smart Anne-Marie got the win. Stephen Illis showed his strength to get the win against Helwan Mande. in our last fight of the day Trinity Romney went up against Sacha Bourguignon after going toe to toe the fight was deemed a draw.

Video footage and pictures of the event can be found on the club’s facebook pages: and

The SMMAF board of directors would like to thank the Milton Peters School for their use of their gymnasium, and all volunteers and sponsors that made the event a great success.  For information, sponsorship for future events please contact

Source: 721 News