USP Candidate Curtis Thomas to propose Sub Station/Multi-level Parking Lot and Justice Park, to drive more revenue, safety and exploration throughout the capital. | 721 NEWS

Proposed Philipsburg Urban Development Project

Philipsburg, St. Maarten — It is no well-kept secret that the economic growth in Philipsburg, St. Maarten can be significantly improved, if strategic measures are taken to enhance the current parking zones and land acquisition by the Government of St. Maarten, in the vicinity of the Clem LaBega Square.

The #12 United St. Maarten Party (USP) candidate and Cay Bay resident, Curtis Thomas is personally inquiring, why our local government have not made the obvious step in the right direction to make the parking experience much more convenient for the visitors and local shoppers alike. Thomas announced, “Customers cannot shop comfortably, without the hassle of law enforcement, giving them yet another excuse to shop online or to just remain at their hotels or homes during their leisure time. The “domino effect” of the decline in business, is a clear result of our limited parking facilities for all vehicular traffic and tour operators. This is shockingly a basic concern that is felt by every Member of Parliament and their families, yet they’ve failed to request the presence of the associated Council of Ministers about this ongoing neglect.”

When elected on January 9, 2020, following the Parliamentary elections, the innovative local politician will commit to ensuring that his proposed Urban Development Project is realized, with a car park facility, to be constructed in the “Heart of Philipsburg”. It promises to feature a 7 level high rise parking area. It is the direct intention to drive more revenue and exploration throughout the capital.

“This is a clear “no-brainer concept” as the high rise car park will translate into income for the Government of St. Maarten. It will be able to house a capacity of 300 vehicles and sustain itself financially, through a paid parking system which will be put into effect for daily operations. Arrangements can also be made for special parking fares for all interested business owners and our pensioners, to park at attractive daily rates,” declares the USP candidate.

“As our country evolves, so should our infrastructure, but with a smarter solution to utilize and renovate our current structures to benefit and sustain our people and visitors alike. This means the car park should reflect the convenience of the customers and can also feature small scale local concessions, public restrooms, ATMs, and facilities for buses, taxis and tour operators,” declared Curtis Thomas.

The most important level is the ground level which will have offices for the Taxi/Public Bus/Tour Bus Dispatcher; this level will house parking space for the big Tour Busses that will be able to drop off the many Cruise Passengers in Philipsburg. Many cruise & land base Tourism will drive more economical support for the Business Community in Philipsburg, as witnessed years ago hence returning economy to period, when the cruise passenger’s only entry to Philipsburg was via the Captain Hodge Pier the Water Taxi to & fro to the Cruise Ships in the 90s & early 2000 on St. Maarten. In this period business flourish from the many Cruise passengers that visited the Philipsburg area to shop, dine, and spend leisure time at the beach.

The Urban Development Project encompasses a redesigned market place, upgrading of the capital’s street lighting and adequate disposal bin placement.

In conjunction, the proposed project includes the demolition of the former Government Administration building as located in the same vicinity, to reconstruct a Justice station/park complex. Thomas critiqued that the damaged building which once housed our political leaders has now become an eyesore and therefore, can serve to facilitate our dedicated justice force. According to the USP candidate, the building should be equipped with a forensic lab, CCTV surveillance room, housing areas and other resources to efficiently carry out their duties to the people of St. Maarten.

Rendering of the proposed Substation/Multi-level Parking Lot and Justice Park.

About Curtis Thomas: Curtis Thomas is a St. Maarten native and Cay Bay resident. He is a family man with Christian values. Thomas is an Economics graduate from the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) and University of St. Martin (USM) and is one of the founding members of the United St. Maarten Party (USp)

Source: 721 News