CYCLONIC SEASON: Crisis management exercise this Thursday | FAXINFO

Today, the population of Saint-Martin will receive a test alert message as part of the triggering of the FR-Alert system. Don't panic, this is an exercise.

A “Cyclone” crisis management exercise will be held this Thursday, June 20 in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy. “There will be no deployment of troops on the ground, everything will be played out indoors,” specifies Vincent Berton, prefect and director of relief operations. The objective of this test at the start of the hurricane season is for all stakeholders to equip themselves with appropriate reflexes in the event of a crisis. A major first in Saint-Martin, the involvement of the Montpellier geography and planning laboratory (LAGAM) which will provide entertainment. The second particularity of this exercise is the deployment of the FR-Alert application, a messaging machine which broadcasts an alert message to the population on their mobile phones (on and connected) over a specific geographical area. This message that you should all receive between the end of the morning and the beginning of the afternoon (in French, English and Spanish for SXM, French and English for SBH) will arrive directly on the home screen of your phone, accompanied with a shrill ringtone that could be somewhat surprising. What to do ? Absolutely nothing, it's a test. It will allow operators to inform crisis management actors on the number of people who have received the message and to refine the doctrine of the system. _Vx

Source: Faxinfo