HEALTH: The dengue epidemic has been declared! | FAXINFO

The epidemiological situation of dengue fever in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy has reached phase 3 of the Epidemic Surveillance, Alert and Management Program (PSAGE), marking the epidemic stage.

In Saint-Martin as in Saint-Barthélemy, the number of clinically suggestive cases and the number of biologically confirmed cases continue to increase, as do visits to emergency departments for suspected dengue fever. Faced with this situation, preventive actions are intensified in areas identified at risk. Increased surveillance is put in place for the early detection of cases and the prompt management of epidemic outbreaks. Faced with the intensification of the circulation of dengue in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, it is imperative that each resident commits to the fight against the tiger mosquito.

Actions to take:

Destroy larval breeding sites:

Inspect your environment regularly to identify and eliminate places where tiger mosquitoes lay their eggs, such as saucers under flower pots, vases, blocked gutters, and containers of standing water.

Protection of Water Reservoirs:

Cover water tanks, such as rain barrels, with a net or thin cloth to prevent mosquito access.

Elimination of unnecessary items:

Get rid of unused items that can retain water, such as used tires, broken buckets, and discarded containers.

Maintenance of swimming pools and basins:

Make sure swimming pools and ponds are properly maintained and equipped with mosquito repellent devices. Predatory fish are made available to residents on request from the ARS.

Use of Repellents:

Use mosquito repellents on your skin and clothing, especially during times when tiger mosquitoes are most active.

Wearing Adapted Clothing:

Wear long, light-colored clothing to reduce the risk of stings.

Protected Windows and Doors:

Install mosquito nets on windows and doors to prevent mosquitoes from entering homes.

Participation in the Awareness Campaign:

Get involved in local awareness campaigns to share information on dengue and tiger mosquito prevention.

Source: Faxinfo