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71 children competed in the end-of-season swimming competition at the SXM Natation pool.

On Wednesday June 5 and Saturday June 8, students from the SXM Natation school aged 4 1/2 to 14 competed in 3 events: 1 swimming event, 1 dynamic apnea event and a swimming event. dive. Families were invited to come and encourage the swimmers and the atmosphere was great.

Well done to all the swimmers.

Registrations for next season are already open. Info at 0690775500

Email: info@sxmnatation.com

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Competition results 4 1/2 years – 5 1/2 years

25m breaststroke  :

1st: Esmee Henry 0”44

2nd: O'Nhalya Edwards 1'17

3rd: Amael Piquet 1'20



1st: Esmée Henry 12m

2nd: O'Nhalya Edwards 8m

3rd: Caïron Pillah-Neipal 7,60m


1st: Esmée Henry

2nd: O’Nhalya Edwards

3rd: Evan Malborough

Overall winner: Henry Esme


Competition results 5 1/2 years – 6 1/2 years

 25m breaststroke:

1st: Logan John 0”43

2nd: Evan Chiffre 0’45

3rd: Romy El Reda 1'00


Dynamic apnea :

1er: Apolline Guillou 17,50m

2nd: Evan Chiffre 17,20m

3nd: Emile Crochemore 11,20m



1st: Logan John

2nd: Apolline Guillou

3rd: Chloe Chalifour

Overall winner:  Logan John


Competition results 6 1/2 years – 7 1/2 years

50m breaststroke:

1st: Nora Pigeon 1'15

2nd: Axel Penalosa 1'17

3rd: Evan Floriani 1'18


Dynamic apnea:

1st: Artemisia Bustillo 24m

2nd: Nora Pigeon 20m

3nd: Axel Penalosa 16,30m



1st: Artemisia Bustillo

2nd: Evan Floriani

3rd: Axel Penalosa

Overall winner: Artemisia Bustillo


Competition results 7 1/2 years – 9 1/2 years

100m breaststroke:

1st: Clara Grumel 2'20

1st: Ylona Fecil 2'20

3rd: Lucas Daviaud 2'22


Dynamic apnea:

1st: Tom Melloul 36m

2nd: Erwan Henry 29m

3rd: Clara Grumel 24m



1st: Nolan Pierre

2nd: Orlann Sumela

3rd: Mickeva Jouenne-Irish

Overall winner: Clara Grumel


Competition results 9 1/2 years – 11 1/2 years

100m breaststroke:

1st: Elyon Beaufour 2'07

2nd: Anna Poignot 2'13

3rd: Isaac Deneufgermain 2'14


100m crawl:

1st: Isaac Deneufgermain 1'49

2nd: Anna Poignot 1'58

3nd: Ruben Tanchon 1'58


Dynamic apnea:

1st: Anna Poignot 27m

2nd: Elyon Beaufour 25m

3rd: Venjy Michel 24,50m

Overall winner: Anna Poignot


Competition results 11 1/2 years – 14 years

100m breaststroke:

1st: Norlan Edouard 2'15

2nd: Jeremy Thomas 3'09

3rd: Lauriane Pierre 3'13


100m crawl:

1st: Lauriane Pierre 2'12

2nd: Norlan Edouard 2'44

3rd: Jérémy Thomas 3'59


Apnea dynamic :

1st: Lauriane Pierre 24m

2nd: Norlan Edouard 18m

3rd: Jérémy Thomas 9,50m

Overall winner: Lauriane Pierre

Source: Faxinfo https://faxinfo.fr/en/natation-competition-chez-sxm-natation/