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Two candidates faced each other during the second round of the early legislative elections on July 6, 2024: Frantz Gumbs and Alexandra Questel. The outgoing deputy was re-elected with 56,02%. As part of the second round of the legislative elections this Saturday, July 6, 2024, the participation rate was 9,92% at noon across the entire constituency (compared to 9,63 .1% in the 16st round). At 30:24,24 p.m., the latter was 23,02% compared to 1% in the 16,8st round and 2022% in 18. At the close of business, 25,71 p.m., the participation rate in Saint-Martin was 56,02% . At the end of these early legislative elections, Frantz Gumbs, outgoing deputy, continues his mandate by collecting 3942% of the votes cast, or 3095 votes. Alexandra Questel obtains 43,98 votes or 847% and 25.234 votes difference between the two candidates. Out of 7.299 registered on the electoral lists, 28,93 voters went to the polls, representing a 7.037% participation rate in the two constituencies. 177 votes cast were counted against 85 blank ballots and 5.137 invalid ballots. In Saint-Martin, 19.977 voters out of 120 registered cast their ballots in the second round: 67 blank ballots, 3.429 invalid ballots, 69,27 votes for Frantz Gumbs (1.521%) and 30,73 votes for Alexandra Questel (2.162%). In Saint-Barthélemy, 41,13 votes (57% participation) were divided into 18 blank ballots, 1.574 invalid ballots, 75,42 votes for Alexandra Questel (513%) and 24,58 votes for Frantz Gumbs (18%). Frantz Gumbs is therefore re-elected to the post of deputy for Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy which he has held since June 2022, XNUMX. _Vx
What they said…

Frantz Gumbs
“It's close but having been re-elected by a certain margin, I can't not be satisfied. I must also congratulate my opponent for a truly remarkable score (…). The fight was not simple in reality, it was a short but extremely intense campaign, it was necessary to exercise constant vigilance because the uncertainty concerned the attitude of the voters disappointed in the 6 candidates who left the race . (…) I really believe that it is better in the current circumstances to have a candidate who is balanced on both territories at the same time (…), operational from July 8 in the interest of the country. I'm not looking to be in politics for life, I consider that these young candidates, I'm talking about Philippe Philidor, Alexandra Questel or Ricardo Bethel, have a future ahead of them, a political future. But they need to be a little aware of the enthusiasm with which they are diving into it; they have obviously taken advantage of an unforeseen opportunity to take the plunge and get into the swing of things. I think that with experience, they will be able to mature and show more maturity next time, they have the future ahead of them. »

Louis Mussington, president of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin
“I feel a sense of pride, we won and (…) at the same time the population confirmed their confidence in us mid-term. The voters of Saint-Martin are still with the RSMA majority, that's why I speak of a feeling of satisfaction, it strengthens our determination to continue the work (…). Frantz Gumbs has set up his office in Saint-Barthélemy, which confirms his desire as a deputy to take into consideration the grievances and concerns of the population of SBH, keeping in mind that the constituency is Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, there is no ambiguity. When I travel to Paris, I make sure to have MP Frantz Gumbs and Senator Annick Pétrus by my side, whether we go together to Matignon, to the Élysée or to different ministries to advance the priority issues of Saint-Martin. I asked that we be given this opportunity to continue working in this direction. This evening, it’s done and I’m happy. »

Alexandra Questel
“I thank each of the voters who had confidence in the project that I carried during this campaign, alongside Gilbert Rousseau. I naturally extend my republican congratulations to Frantz Gumbs as well as my wishes for fruitful work in the service of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin. The result of these elections is the result of collective work, so I warmly thank the teams who supported me. We will continue to bring our project to life to bring about a new generation and the change it can bring. »

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