ASSOCIATION – ENVIRONMENT: 300 plants distributed at the Amuseum Naturalis | FAXINFO

The Les Fruits de Mer association organized a morning of free distribution of native and heritage plants on Saturday September 16 at the Amuseum Naturalis. Despite the overwhelming heat, the public responded in droves, with more than 300 plants donated during the event.

Mark Yokoyama and Jenn Yerkes of the Les Fruits de Mer association are delighted with the success of this event which offered different free plants for the start of the autumn rainy season which is a traditional time for planting in Saint-Martin.

Each year, Fruits de Mer distributes a thousand plants with a focus on native tree seedlings and heritage plants such as herb and fruit tree seedlings. With the desire to support local traditions for flora, with the support of Delta Patroleum, the plants available last Saturday concerned seedlings of local trees such as guaiac tree, broom latanier, courbaril, soursop tree, icaqui tree and cinnamon apple tree. For heritage plants, many people left with a doliprane plant, large thyme or verbena.

The parking lot and surroundings of the Amuseum Naturalis located at The Old House in Quartier d'Orléans were filled with cars, once again proving the strong interest of the population in the local flora.

300 plants distributed which will soon be planted and will fully contribute to the biodiversity of the territory. Visitors were also able to discover the permanent exhibitions of Fruits de Mer as well as the museum, The Old House and its many secrets without forgetting the plethora of books published by the association, works dedicated to the fauna and flora of Saint-Martin, for all ages. Speaking of books, Jenn Yerkes had made available to the children during this morning of distribution, several books with animals to color and their names to write, while the parents carried out their little free plant market.

Another great initiative from the Fruits de Mer association, very active in the region, which was a great success, beyond the hopes of the organizers. Deserved success. The Amuseum Naturalis is open all year round, accessible to adults and children, and entry is free. _VX


Source: Faxinfo