Cadres d’Avenir: five Saint-Martin students now benefit from the program | FAXINFO

Last Saturday, the Overseas Mobility Agency (LADOM) organized a welcome seminar for the 20 participants of the Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin Executives for the Future program. This first edition includes five students from our region, with ambitious training projects.

The Cadres d'Avenir Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin program, initiated by the Ministry of Overseas Territories, is aimed at students (high school students in their final year up to Bac +3) who wish to continue their studies in mainland France as part of training which does not exist or is saturated in Guadeloupe and in our territory. In partnership with the prefectures of Guadeloupe, Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, the Regional and Departmental Councils of Guadeloupe, LADOM provides assistance with administrative procedures and advice for success in mobility, a psycho-pedagogical support from departure and integration upon return to the territory after obtaining their diploma, a flat-rate monthly allowance of around €800 throughout the training period and transport costs to reach the place of study. Prior to the program, work to identify the skills needs of the territories was carried out by the competent authorities. This analytical work made it possible to identify priority areas by defining both the sectors in tension and the higher education courses that can respond to them with candidates who commit to returning to practice in their territory of origin and contribute to its development. Five students from Saint-Martin appear in the list of beneficiaries, three of whom were present during the presentation of the program, as did MP Frantz Gumbs who declared: “I was able to congratulate and discuss with Béranta Cerant Pierre, Éloïse Boucaud-Louissaint and Clément Bretin regarding their respective projects. I am proud of these young people who represent the ambition of Saint-Martin and who are today precursors, who are paving the way for others to benefit from this program. This is the beginning of a new phase that must develop.” While welcoming the partners of the program, Louis Mussington, president of the Community, is also delighted “at the idea that these five young people will be able to put into practice, at home, what they have learned during their training”. _VX

Source: Faxinfo